Umekes Catering

Welcome to Umekes Catering Kona, your premier source for authentic Hawaiian cuisine. We are dedicated to bringing you a genuine taste of Hawaii with dishes prepared using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Click here to contact our catering team.



Sashimi Platter (Pictured Above) *

Thin Slices of Big Island Caught Ahi, Choice of Furikake Crusted & Seared or Plain; served with Pickled Ginger, Namasu, & Wasabi on a Bed of Shredded Cabbage.
Small: feeds 18-22 people; Medium: feeds 25-33 people; Large: feeds 35-44 people.

Poke Platter *

Small (feeds 12-16 people) Includes 2 Pokes and 2 Sides.
Medium (feeds 16-20 people) Includes 3 Pokes and 3 Sides.
Large (feeds 32-40 people) Includes 4 Pokes and 4 Sides.

Poke Choices: Hawaiian, Da Avo, Sweetie, Hottie, Kanaka, or Aina (Vegetarian)

Side Choices: (V) Seaweed Salad, (V) Kimchee Cucumber, (V) Mac Salad, (GF) Lomi Lomi Salmon, (GF) Edamame, Spicy Krab, Krab Broccoli Salad, or Ho’io Salad.

Oyster Platter *

Freshly Shucked Raw or BBQ Oysters served with Tobiko, Lemon, and Umekes Signature ‘Bug Juice’ Vinaigrette, a delicious Chili infused Soy Sauce featured on Food Network.

Fresh Fruit Platter

Tropical assortment of Pineapple, Honeydew Melon, Strawberries, Blueberries & Other Local Seasonal Fruits (Please allow at least 48 hours notice).

Veggie Spread

Assortment of sliced Cucumber, Celery, Cherry Tomato, Carrots, and Olives served with Chef’s Hummus Dip. (Please allow at least 48 hours notice).

* Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your chance of food-borne illness.


Poke Bombs (Pictured Above) *

Sweet marinated Tofu Pouches stuffed with Sushi Rice and topped with your favorite House Poke.

Umekes Nachos

Crispy Wonton Chips, Seaweed Salad, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Garlic Aioli, & Unagi Glaze. Topped with Choice of Poke* or Kalua Pork. Served deconstructed to maintain freshness with wet ingredients on the side– to be put together before service.

Sashimi MP *

Fresh Off Da Hook Ahi Sashimi Served with Ginger and Wasabi.

Grilled Ahi Belly

Served with Spicy or Garlic Aioli, Finished with our Unagi Glaze.

Hawaiian BBQ Wings

Fried Chicken Smothered in our Hawaiian BBQ Glaze Topped with Sesame Seeds & Green Onion.

Ahi Cakes

Served with our Sweet Soy Glaze & Cilantro Citrus Aioli.

Pupu Steak *

Grilled Pulehu Steak with a Ponzu Glaze, Freshly Grated Daikon, Diced Tomato, Green Onion, & Sesame Seeds.

Sauteed Shrooms (Vegetarian)

Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions in a Shoyu Garlic Butter Sauce. An excellent option by itself, or paired with Umekes Pupu Steak.

Poke Lettuce Cups *

Da Avo Poke & Wonton Strips Stuffed into Baby Romaine Lettuce Cups with a Sweet Soy Glaze.

Build Your Own Bulleh Fries

Spiral Fries Topped with *Spicy or Garlic Aioli (V), Crushed and Roasted Kukui Nuts, Furikake, & Green Onion. Served deconstructed to maintain freshness with wet ingredients on the side– to be put together before service.

Oysters *

Served Barbequed or Raw with Umekes Signature Bug Juice Sauce featured on Food Network.

Kamaboko Dip and Wonton Chips

A local favorite dish that goes great with beer or white wine! Creamy Imitation crab dip with sour cream, cream cheese, mayo, Hawaiian salt, pepper, and green onion. Served with crispy wonton chips. (Spicy Kamaboko dip available upon request).

* Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your chance of food-borne illness.


Umekes Salad *

Somen Noodles & Romaine Topped with Ho’io Salad, Lomi Lomi Salmon, and Your Choice of House Poke.
Choose from Bug Juice Vinaigrette or Creamy Oriental Dressing.

Garden Salad

Fresh Romaine, Cucumber, Carrots, Tomato, & Red Onion with Choice of Bug Juice Vinaigrette or Creamy Oriental Dressing

Seared Ahi Caesar *

Crisp Baby Romaine with Fresh Blackened Ahi, Crispy Wonton Strips, & House Caesar Dressing

* Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your chance of food-borne illness.


Umekes Poke Flavors *

1. Hottie – Our Signature Spicy Aioli with Hawaiian Salt & Onions.

2. Da Avo – Creamy Local Avocado, Hawaiian Salt, & Onions in our Avo Aioli.

3. Kanaka – Ogo, Hawaiian Salt, Chili Pepper Water, & Onions in a Sweet Soy Glaze.

4. Sweetie – Furikake, Onions, & Hawaiian Salt in our Signature Sweet Soy Glaze.

5. Hawaiian – Traditional Dry Rub of Inamona, Limu Kohu, Hawaiian Salt, Onions, & Red Pepper Flakes.

6. Aina (Vegetarian) – Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Avocado, Onion, Green Onion in our Sesame Ginger Sauce.

Grilled Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch with Choice of Garlic or Spicy Aioli Finished with an Unagi Drizzle.

Ahi Katsu

Panko Crusted & Deep Fried Ahi with Your Choice of Garlic or Spicy Aioli.

Grilled Kona Shrimp

Sweet (Head-On) Peel & Eat Shrimp Grilled to Perfection with our Unagi Glaze and Choice of Garlic or Spicy Aioli.

Boneless Kalbi Short Ribs

Tender Beef Braised in our Korean Sauce Garnished with Green Onion & Sesame Seeds.

Pulehu Beef *

Grilled Beef Finished with Hawaiian Salt and Green Onion.

Lau Lau

Steamed Tender Pork & Hawaiian Salt Wrapped in Taro Leaves.

Next Level Lau Lau

An elevated version of Hawaii’s favorite dish! Crispy Panko Crusted & Deep Fried Lau Lau filled with tender Pork.

Korean Chicken

Boneless Deep Fried Chicken Tossed in our Sweet and Savory Korean Sauce.

Kalua Pig

Slow Roasted Pork Finished with Hawaiian Salt.

Tofu Veggie Stir Fry (Vegetarian)

Tofu & Seasonal Veggies Stir Fried in our House Teriyaki Sauce.

Sweet & Sour Tofu (Vegetarian)

Crispy Fried Tofu with our Local Style Sweet n’ Sour Sauce served on the side.

Build Your Own Umekes Fish Tacos

Cajun Grilled or Tempura Fried Ahi Tacos with Avocado, Pineapple Lomi Salsa, Cabbage Slaw, Crispy Onions, & Garlic Aioli in a Flour Tortilla. Served deconstructed to maintain freshness with wet ingredients on the side– to be put together before service.

Beer Battered Fresh Catch

Beer Battered and Deep Fried Fresh Catch served with our Homemade Furikake Rémoulade.

Sweet Sour Tempura Ahi Belly

Crispy Tempura Ahi Belly with our Local Style Sweet n’ Sour Sauce served on the side.

* Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your chance of food-borne illness.

House Sides

Macaroni Salad (Vegetarian)

Tender Macaroni Tossed with Shredded Carrots, Diced Celery, Egg, Mayonnaise, Salt, & Pepper.

Seaweed Salad (Vegetarian)

Gomo Wakame Seaweed Marinated in Sesame Dressing & Sprinkled with Sesame Seeds.

Lomi Lomi Salmon (Gluten Free)

Hawaiian Side Salad of Chopped Tomato, Onion, Green Onion, & Salted Salmon.

Ho’io Salad

Waipio Valley Fiddle Fern, Diced Tomato, Shaved Red Onion, Sliced Kamaboko, & Kombu in a House Soy Vinaigrette.

Spicy Krab

Shredded Imitation Krab tossed in our Spicy Aioli.

Kimchee Cucumber (Vegetarian)

Diced Cucumber Marinated in a Mild Korean Sauce.

Edamame (Vegetarian/Gluten Free)

Soybeans marinated with Sesame and Garlic.

Fresh Poi (Vegetarian)

Freshly Pounded Waipio Valley Taro.


Steamed Rice

Choose from White or Brown Rice.

Fried Rice or Fried Noodles

White Rice, Brown Rice, or Saimin Noodles Fried with Oyster and Soy Sauce, Carrots, Onions, Cabbage, Smoked Meat, Portugese Sausage, and Kamaboko.

Sweet Potato Salad

Steamed Okinawan Sweet Potato, Celery, Carrots, and Red Onion tossed in Coconut Cream.



Coconut Haupia Cake

Coconut Cake with Layers of Haupia Cream; Topped with Coconut Flakes.

Lilikoi Cheesecake

Cheesecake Layered on a Rich, Buttery Crust Topped with a Tangy Passion Fruit Glaze.

Chantilly Cake

Moist Chocolate Cake with a decadent layer of Chantilly Frosting; Coated with Chopped Mac Nuts. (Must provide at least 1 week’s notice; minimum order: 30 pieces)


Our Catering Services

Pick Up Orders: 15% gratuity included. With our standard pick up orders, food is served in disposable aluminum pans or plastic platters.

Deliveries: Deliveries in Kailua-Kona start at $250 and include a 20% gratuity. With our standard deliveries, food is served in disposable aluminum pans or plastic platters and is kept to proper temperature during transport.

Full Service Catering: Our full services include a $500 set up fee, a 20% gratuity to be shared among our catering staff, plus a labor charge of $25 per hour per staff member, including at least 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to break down the event. All full service catering events are managed by an Umekes Event professional and all staff are trained in the proper handling, preparation, and storage of food. Our set up includes use of Umekes upscale wooden Koa chafing dishes, buffet signage, light decor, serving bowls, and serving utensils.

Dine-In at Umekes: All large parties of 20 guests or more must have their menu planned and paid for at least 1 week in advance. There is a $50 per person minimum food order for groups over 20 people, including a 20% gratuity. If seeking exclusive use of Umekes outdoor lanai for your special event, lanai rental is also available. Umekes spacious lanai can seat up to 100 guests and is equipped with a fully built stage and speaker system (available only with lanai rental*). Please email [email protected] to learn more.



To lock in and secure your event date with us, Umekes requires a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is due at least 3 business days before your scheduled event. Up to 90% of your total catering order is fully refundable as long as we are provided 3 weeks written notice of any cancellation. If less than 3 weeks notice is given, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Any last minute catering orders placed less than 1 week out must be paid for in full at the time of booking.

Please allow us at least a 48 hour notice for all catering.